Don’t lose her 
Don’t lose a girl who chose you over a man with six pack abs and has branded shoes, branded clothes he bought from New york, trending watch, new gadgets, and everything that every man’s think they become a real man with those things. You see? He chose you even if you’re wearing just a simple shirt and a pair of jeans you bought from nearby mall in your small town, and still choosing you even if your team lose a hundredth time in your basketball game.

Don’t lose the girl who did everything to enjoy your company during your dating stage. She suddenly gained strength for her exams and meeting her new terror professor because she can’t get you out of her mind, her mind flies away with every jokes her friends were saying because of thinking what she’ll do to keep you in love with her.

Don’t lose the girl who buys you a souvenirs in every place of the world she’d been. Maybe, that’s her last allowance from her Mom or her last money during the trip. Just for you to feel special, she cooked for dinner and invite you to meet her parents and dressed to impress you.


Don’t lose the girl who understands that aside from her, there is another girl in your life like your bestfriend. She never lose her hopes that one day, she will roll beside the bed and what she’ll see is your face.



Don’t lose the girl who notices the scars on your face, you’ve got when you were on high school and still think you’re cute, the sweat you get from running in circles, the hair that your hairstylist cut yesterday, or every moles in your body. It’s the little things that makes her heart beats like her favorite music she’d been playing over and over again.


Don’t lose the girl who understands your mood swings and your perspective. She tries to understand your change of mood, even your simple “Okay.” Or “goodnight.”


Don’t lose the girl who makes you feel loved throughout the years that you’ve been together. Who’s there to love you when you forget to love yourself. Who made you close to God. Who never thinks of leaving you when you ask her to leave you. Who asks you of your day and a girl who will pick up every pieces of you.


Don’t lose the girl who wants to be with you forever and ever, even if believing in forever is clichΓ© for her.
But the most important thing,


Don’t lose the girl who loves you with every beat of her heart.



Being true to oneself πŸ˜Œ

Maybe, some other people find it hard to be true to their own self, but for me it’s harder to pretend and be something you’re not. Maybe, being not true to yourself feels like living in a virtual world, a world that only exist on computers. My mother used to tell me that you cannot be true to others until you are true to yourself and as I grow older, I realized that she’s right and it takes courage to accept yourself.

Being true to oneself means living as your natural self. You’re not worrying about pleasing others and you don’t mind what other people might think of you. You’re living just the way you are and acting with what you believe. You’re acting in a way that you want and not how others think you should be.

Some other people find it very challenging because being true to oneself is not simply as we think. As I’ve mentioned earlier, being true takes courage and it can hurt you. Many of us now, pretend to be someone else for the sake of the others and for the sake of gaining acceptance. No one can tell you to be true to yourself except you.

Being true to oneself means accepting and being completely honest with what you feel. It means allowing the truth to flow through you and into the world. If you know  your self you will find it effortless to be true to yourself. Find what works for you and makes you whole. 

Being true to oneself is one of the hardest and greatest things that you can do for yourself. It is a personal choice. It’s your choice to live in integrity or out of integrity. Begin by not being afraid and allow yourself to discover how amazing you can be.