Where is the Love? πŸŒŽ

Did you ever wish to reverse your life? Like, being a kid again and your only problem was the monsters under your bed or how will you convince your mom to buy the toys in the mall? Or how to fake your sleep?. Hmmmm,I wonder. πŸ€”
In my 17 years of existence, I have lots of questions waiting to be answered. This past few months I’ve heard about terrorist attacks, bombing, killing, etc. that made me think of a song, titled “Where is the love?”. It’s sad to admit that I am scared. Scared of tomorrow, scared of the night, scared of people around me. Just by hearing the everyday news made me paranoid. We all know what was lacking in this world. Love. Love is the key to stop all this. Love is the key to peace. Love is the answer. Every night, before I go to sleep I kept thinking about the “why’s”. Really, What is going on, people?!. Come on! Wake up! Don’t ruin the world ’cause the future generation needs it, and they deserved it!. Maybe….. We should stopped thinking the “why’s”, maybe….. We should start thinking about the “how’s”. HOW CAN WE SAVE THIS WORLD?. HOW CAN WE STOP THESE BULLSHITS?. Come on, people! Where is the LOVE?? 
—girl not so in love.


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