A letter for my future husband


I don’t know your name yet or maybe I already met you, see you, or even know you. I don’t know, but this letter is for you.

I hope you’re doing good right now. Maybe by now, you’re alone in your bed thinking of me too, or you’re on your bestfriend’s house playing computer, or you’re dating your present girlfriend and imagining your life with her. I hope when the right time come, you’re not going to compare me to your ex’s because I am very sensitive about that. I hope you will let me play sims even though it’s kinda weird for our age. I hope you will let me buy makeups, clothes and everything that will make me happy. I hope you will love the spontaneous adventures I will put you through. I hope you will say that I am beautiful regardless of my new hairstyle. There’s so many things I want you to know about me, and it’s for you to find out. I can’t wait to meet you, to know you, to smell your scent, to meet your parents, to spend Christmas and every occasion with you. I know you’re out there living your life, making memories, memories that you will tell me someday while I am looking into your eyes and thinking that I am the luckiest girl in the world. Maybe, I’ll meet you tomorrow or the next day or the day after tomorrow or today as I am writing this letter at Starbucks, alone surrounded  by the people I do not know. Please be patient, please be strong, please choose to live regardless of the challenges, because I am right here waiting for you. Goodluck and hope to see you soon! 


Your future wife


A Letter for my Bestfriend πŸŒΈ


Someday, when the time is right, we will pack up and leave this chaotic small town. We will go somewhere far . Of course, we will bring our favorite shorts, sweatshirts and overused sneakers with our big backpack. Someday, we will stop somewhere just to admire the view, to take pictures ,to wait for the sunrise and sunset. Someday we will explore different coffee shops and we’ll try to discover the “The best coffee shop in the world”. We’ll meet new people of course and make friends, but always remember that you’re my only bestfriend. We will going to buy souvenirs in every place we’ve been. We will going to argue for a second because of something, but after that we will hug each other and say “I’m sorry”. 

Someday, we will live as if it’s our last day on earth. We will grow old together with our partner and probably our kids will be friends just like we did. We will sing our favorite song with a hairbrush microphone at the top of our lungs and we’ll talk about the craziest and embarrassing moments in our life back when we were in high school, but for now, let’s enjoy the present and make the best out of it. Let’s be successful together so that when the time is right, no one can stop us from doing what we love.