Where is the Love? πŸŒŽ

Did you ever wish to reverse your life? Like, being a kid again and your only problem was the monsters under your bed or how will you convince your mom to buy the toys in the mall? Or how to fake your sleep?. Hmmmm,I wonder. πŸ€”
In my 17 years of existence, I have lots of questions waiting to be answered. This past few months I’ve heard about terrorist attacks, bombing, killing, etc. that made me think of a song, titled “Where is the love?”. It’s sad to admit that I am scared. Scared of tomorrow, scared of the night, scared of people around me. Just by hearing the everyday news made me paranoid. We all know what was lacking in this world. Love. Love is the key to stop all this. Love is the key to peace. Love is the answer. Every night, before I go to sleep I kept thinking about the “why’s”. Really, What is going on, people?!. Come on! Wake up! Don’t ruin the world ’cause the future generation needs it, and they deserved it!. Maybe….. We should stopped thinking the “why’s”, maybe….. We should start thinking about the “how’s”. HOW CAN WE SAVE THIS WORLD?. HOW CAN WE STOP THESE BULLSHITS?. Come on, people! Where is the LOVE?? 
—girl not so in love.


Never again πŸ™…


 I’ve decide to broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. It’s not that I dont love him anymore or I can’t picture our life in the future anymore. It’s just that I can’t see the stars on my own set of eyes whenever he’s around. I mean, I could be blind at times, It could have been a mistake, but the heart never goes wrong. Don’t get me wrong, He loves me so much and I can picture him totally devastated the moment I’m out of his life. Sometimes, I wonder, I am selfish?. Can I consider myself as selfish, when I can’t see his efforts anymore?, when he’s always hurting me without his knowledge? When I cry myself to sleep because of the pain? Because I felt that I was an option? Because I felt that I am useless and can’t blame him if he enjoyed his friends company the most?. I dont know what the reason is. I can’t answer his simple question “why?”. My always answer was “I dont know” how can I explain everything when I can’t even fucking understand myself?. I don’t listen to others opinion even though they kept on telling that I deserved better than him, that we’re not fit as a couple, but I still love him regardless of what they’re going to say because at the end of the day, it’s not about them, its not about their fucking opinion. It’s about me, it’s all about what makes me happy. But life is unfair, isn’t it? It’s like the world turned upside down. I can’t see his efforts anymore, I’m always asking for his time, and I’m tired for all those late night fights and maybe the point is, I lose interest whenever I get ignored. I just wanted him to treat me like the first time. The time I can’t stop laughing because of his hilarious gestures and inside jokes. The time when I cant sleep because I kept thinking of him and the nights when I would close my eyes and imagine my future with him in it. I don’t know what happened to him,to me. This situation really really frustrates me. He kept on telling me how much he loves me, but just like the old saying goes “Action speaks louder than words.” I just prayed to God that I did the right decision and I guess it’s time to find myself again, it’s time to pick up my broken pieces because I know deep down I deserved better.

R.I.P efforts ⚰

R.I.P love ⚰


Being true to oneself πŸ˜Œ

Maybe, some other people find it hard to be true to their own self, but for me it’s harder to pretend and be something you’re not. Maybe, being not true to yourself feels like living in a virtual world, a world that only exist on computers. My mother used to tell me that you cannot be true to others until you are true to yourself and as I grow older, I realized that she’s right and it takes courage to accept yourself.

Being true to oneself means living as your natural self. You’re not worrying about pleasing others and you don’t mind what other people might think of you. You’re living just the way you are and acting with what you believe. You’re acting in a way that you want and not how others think you should be.

Some other people find it very challenging because being true to oneself is not simply as we think. As I’ve mentioned earlier, being true takes courage and it can hurt you. Many of us now, pretend to be someone else for the sake of the others and for the sake of gaining acceptance. No one can tell you to be true to yourself except you.

Being true to oneself means accepting and being completely honest with what you feel. It means allowing the truth to flow through you and into the world. If you know  your self you will find it effortless to be true to yourself. Find what works for you and makes you whole. 

Being true to oneself is one of the hardest and greatest things that you can do for yourself. It is a personal choice. It’s your choice to live in integrity or out of integrity. Begin by not being afraid and allow yourself to discover how amazing you can be.